Co-presented by Theatre Passe Muraille and Pencil Kit Productions with support from Aluna Theatre - March 2019

"Delivered with such energy, skill, and urgency ... Bitter’s capacity to create community through audience interaction and the sheer force of his charisma is remarkable." - The Toronto Star (3/4)


Iphigenia and the Furies (On Taurian Land)

Saga Collectif - January 2019

“Unapologetically transposes a myth from the ancient past and demands we pay attention to how the next generation must write a new narrative.” Written by Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho). Photography by Dahlia Katz.


The Monument

Factory Theatre - March 2018

A personal look on Canada’s own history of war & violence, Jani Lauzon’s timely re-imagining of Colleen Wagner's 1995 Governor General's Literary Award-winning play confronts the dark truth behind the experience of Indigenous women on this land. 

Production photos by Joseph Michael Photography. 



Groundling Theatre Co. - January 2018

Harbourfront Centre Theatre



Rope Running Out

lemonTree creations - May-June 2017

Directed by Indrit Kasapi. In this sexy, intimate, and unflinching new work, award-winning playwright Raf Antonio explores the power of the erotic and asks the question, 'if we are multidimensional, can any one person truly be enough?'

Production photos by Dahlia Katz.


El Retorno / I Return

Part of RISER Project 2017 (Why Not Theatre) - Theatre Centre

"How does revolution live within the confines of a family unit? What is the distinction between love and regret? Why does exile eat away at the human spirit?" How exile affects a continent, a country, a family. 

Written and directed by Marilo Nuñez. Photography/design by Peter Riddihough


Our Town

Theatre Rusticle - March 26-April 2, 2017

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Thornton Wilder's best-known work, re-imagined. Digging into memory, death, siblings, love, and stars. Directed by the fearless Allyson McMackon

Production and workshop (2015) photos courtesy of Jeremy Mimnagh Photography.



Tideline (Littoral)

Hart House Theatre and ENSEMBLE Canadian Youth Theatre/Théâtre Jeunesse Canadien (Canadian Rep Theatre) 

Hart House Theatre: September 2016

Directed by Ken Gass. An incredibly powerful Governor-General-Award-winning play by Lebanese-Canadian playwright Wajdi Mouawad. War, youth, identity, loss, and hope. "Life is here. Life is so beautiful." Photography by Scott Gorman and Daniel DiMarco.




TOUGH! & Dreams (Rêves)

ENSEMBLE Canadian Youth Theatre/ Théâtre Jeunesse Canadien (Canadian Rep Theatre) 

The Citadel: August 2016

Directed by Ken Gass. Produced and photographed by Liz Der.

TOUGH! by George F. Walker, ensemble adaptation with 11 performers. Dreams (Rêves) by Wajdi Mouawad, the first presentation of this English-version script. 


Photography courtesy of  Tim Leyes .

Photography courtesy of Tim Leyes.


Froth Productions (SummerWorks 2016 at The Paddock Tavern)

Co-conceived, directed, and choreographed by Ban̦uta Rubess and Julia Aplin. True confessions from age 7 to 97. A team of Love Experts attempt to answer the question: "What is love?". Verbatim theatre, dance, music, improvisation, and drinks all in one lovely evening. 














Pencil Kit Productions (Toronto Fringe Festival 2016)

Collectively-created and performed by the ensemble, directed by Claren Grosz. Reimagining the Greek myth of Persephone in a physical, feminist, imagistic production. 

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies - Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse: March 2016

Under the direction of Kate Lynch, playing the challenging title role of Pericles. Our final sold-out production as the graduating UofT acting class sank into some Shakespearean shipwrecks, births, deaths, kings, pirates, and brothels. Production photos courtesy of Marie Trotter.




December 2015

A translation of Sophocles' Greek Tragedy Antigone by Anne Carson. Photography by Gokhan Solmaz and Deborah Lim

Directed by Dorcas Chiu, "in the dead of winter Antigone is caught in an act of perfect piety." Playing the role of Kreon, King of Thebes, in a physical adaptation.





November 2015

The story of Narcissus, his attraction to his own reflection, and an echo which brought him to his tragic end. 

Performers: Augusto Bitter, Catt Filippov
Music/Videography: Domenic Jarlkaganova

Lighting Design: Paul Strosser
Choreography: Augusto Bitter, Catt Filippov, Domenic Jarlkaganova



Toronto Laboratory Theatre & Theatrus

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Festival 2015 Project

I was lucky enough to dance in this multidisciplinary installation/performance that explored and amplified the layered connections between limited vision and fragile memory in unique and complementary interpretations. VIVISECTION juxtaposed live performance and still archival imagery while allowing the audience to experience both the initial urge for archiving and the interpretive result of it.

Dancing in the dark and improvising with the grotesque has been one of the most rewarding and demanding (performing for 10 mins, every 15 mins, for 8 hours over one night) experiences to test the limits of my body.


Fool's Cabaret

May 2015

My first professional clown show thanks to Helen Donnelly and Foo, featuring my first clown "Ollie" and his "ukululu". Some of the most ridiculous fun I've ever had on stage. Photo courtesy of Neil Muscott.




paper SERIES

December 2014

Written by David Yee. Directed by Deborah Lim. Photography, set, and costumes by Jane Smythe

This beautiful play is composed of six short narratives each focusing on how different people engage with paper in their personal and professional relationships. Performed the role of Symbol in "paper FOLDS".



Red Winter

Pure Carbon - October 2014

Directed by Katy Murphy. Collectively created, Red Winter rewrote darkness and violence into the classic fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood using Max Richter's Recomposed Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". My first foray into physical theatre and movement creation with some brave young artists.